Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The company binds by the ethical conditions of protection of customers' data. We pledge not to share any kind of private information that the customer has used to log in to our website without the consent of the customer.

The details that any kind of customer be it national or international uses to log in to our website or buy products or go window shopping are the following:

  •  The name of the customer
  •  The email id which has been used as a login credential
  •   Date of birth of the customer
  •   Mailing address or the postal address of the customer
  •   Telephone number of the customer
  •   Credit card or debit card number of the customer
  •    Internet banking login credentials
  •    Password used for this very website
  •    Password used for monetary transaction of any kind.

We reassure the customers that all the important information that the customer used in our website is completely safe and is free from any malwares or hacking. We use high quality software where incidents of such kind are near to impossible.

The transactions performed through our website are completely safe and secure. The monetary transaction are performed by the website itself but the link is passed onto a safe digital portal which then transfers the transactions to the relative bank. Thus, your credentials are completely safely maintained and are also confidential to our staff working for the company website.

We don't share any kind of private information of the customer without customers' permission. All transactions that are performed are completely protected from any kind of mal handling and are a part of very secure and sensitive database.

The alerts that are sent to customers via email or telephonic messaging system after their login or registration into our website are done with due permission. Without the due permission, we do not send any kind of alerts in any form. The customers are asked if they will subscribe to regular alerts via mails or telephonic messages and then only the process is continued.

In mind if any emergencies we have secured database that will completely erase any kind of information that is stored and the customer will be immediately informed. The alerts are sent within 24 hrs of the accident and all the necessary steps are taken so that none of our secured and confidential information is leaked.

We promise to abide by the aforesaid rules and regulations heartily.

If You do not want SPYKI to use Personal Information that SPYKI to You, please report to SPYKI at