Explore our Latest Collection of School Backpack for Girls and Boys..

Kids and children are always filled with naughtiness. They are busy going to school and tuitions with their fellow mates, batch mates and friends and keep their mischief on. Children nowadays can be demanding basically seeing their peers and friends. They keep on asking for toys or something or the other.

School bags are one of these highly demanded things. School bags filled with colours easily catch the attention of the kids and provoke the desire in them to own it.

We, at SPYKI manufacture quite affordable school bags which won't dig up a hole in your pocket. We are the largest manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of bags including a wide range of school bags in entire country and also overseas. Our company is mainly Delhi based. We also offer online sales services through our website.

The school bags that we produce are of the best quality. They have following additional features:

  • The school bags are extra durable and are wear and tear resistant. This prevents them from getting mal handled in the hands of kids who are busy playing without taking good care of their belongings.
  • Most of the school bags manufactured here are waterproof to prevent them from getting spoiled or drenched in rain and thus preventing the belongings inside the bag.
  • All the school bags come in very bright and vibrant colours so that the child loves what is being gifted to him or her. They have animation characters printed on them. We know the kids love them.

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